Relentless is forged in Texas US and lead by Green Beret sniper and former MMA fighter Tim Kennedy.

All of the products are made of the highest quality blends and ingredients, with a clean label approach, in easy on-the-go packets. These products are designed for a relentless lifestyle where the ability to go anywhere at anytime is a possibility and your A game is a must. It doesen’t matter if you are Special Forces, a School Teacher or a CrossFit athlete. The people around you depend on you, both in battle, on the job, at the competition or in your home!

The last thing you need to worry about is your supplements and tossing scoops around or not being able to carry everything duo to lack of space. And lets be honest: Many products are crap and useless. Our focus is minded on bringing high quality supplements to an ever demanding audience, who needs to be able to perform! Perform both mentally and physically.

We are proud at Live Relentless Europe to supply these products all across Europe to whoever needs the extra edge our products provide. Based in the south of Denmark, and run by Morten who has a hunger for great adventures, the taste of adrenalin and hard work in an relentless pursuit of being the best at getting better!